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Main » 2011 » August » 5 » Captain America The First Avenger
7:32 AM
Captain America The First Avenger

.:: Captain America: The First Avenger - English (PG13) ::.

Movie Info:

Release Date: 28 July 2011

Language: English

Genre: Action / Adventure

Running Time: 2 Hours 04 Minutes

Director: Joe Johnston

Cast: Chris Evan, Samuel L. Jackson, and Hugo Weaving

Captain America: The First Avenger Movie Synopsis (Malay Version):

zis tengok cerita ni pada 05 Ogos 2011 di Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) bersama zynnea. Kami saja meluangkan masa untuk pergi tengok wayang.

Captain America: The First Avenger adalah sebuah kisah seorang askar yang sanggup lakukan apa sahaja demi untuk berjuang untuk negaranya. Rogers tidak pernah berputus asa untuk menyertai pemilihan tentera Amerika. Namun, setiap cubaannya itu telah ditolak kerana dia memiliki tubuh badan yang kecil dan pelbagai penyakit.

Suatu hari ketika berada di sebuah pesta, dia ingin mencuba nasibnya lagi. Namun, rakannya bernama Bucky telah menghalangnya. Akhirnya, Bucky terpaksa akur dengan semangat Rogers dan membenarkan dia mencuba nasibnya itu. Perbualan mereka telah didengari oleh seorang doktor tentera. Akibat daripada berasa kagum dengan semangat Rogers, doktor itu telah memberi peluang kepada Rogers untuk menyertai pasukan tentera.

Ketika di dalam latihan, Rogers adalah tentera yang paling lemah. Namun, dia memiliki kelebihan yang tidak ada pada ahli pasukan yang lain iaitu kepandaian dan hati yang baik. Akhirnya, jeneral tentera itu telah bersetuju untuk menjadikan Rogers sebagai bahan eksperimen mereka. Hasilnya, Rogers telah berjaya menjalani eksperimen tersebut di mana badannya telah menjadi kuat.

Malangnya, doktor tersebut telah mati ditembak oleh pihak musuh. Rogers terus mengejar musuh tersebut dan berjaya menangkapnya. Rupa-rupanya, pihak musuh memiliki senjata yang canggih di mana tidak ada seorang pun daripada pihak Amerika yang tahu tentang senjata tersebut.

Suatu hari, Rogers mendapat khabar bahawa ramai yang terkorban dalam pasukan Bucky termasuk Bucky sendiri. Walaupun dilarang oleh jeneral, tetapi Rogers tetap ingin pergi ke kubu pihak musuh untuk mencari Bucky. Akhirnya, dia berjaya menyelamatkan Bucky dan 400 orang tawanan yang lain. Sejak dari itu, dia telah dinaikkan pangkat dan mengetuai misi menghapuskan pihak musuh.

Satu demi satu kubu pihak musuh telah dihapuskan. Malangnya, dalam misi untuk menangkap doktor tentera pihak musuh, Bucky telah terbunuh. Ini membuatkan Rogers terus ingin menyerang kubu utama pihak musuh. Ketika serangan itu, akhirnya Rogers berjaya bertemu dengan ketua pihak musuh. Dia telah berlawan dengan ketua pihak musuh di dalam sebuah kapal terbang ketika ketua pihak musuh itu ingin memusnahkan bandar New York.

Akhirnya, Rogers berjaya mengalahkan ketua pihak musuh tersebut. Malangnya, kapal terbang tersebut telah hilang kawalan. Ini menyebabkan Rogers terpaksa mengambil keputusan untuk mendarat secara kecemasan. Kapal terbang tersebut telah terhempas di kawasan antartika. Rogers berjaya ditemui dan akhirnya Rogers telah tersedar dari pengsan. Tetapi itu adalah setelah 40 tahun berlalu.

Captain America: The First Avenger Movie Synopsis (English Version):

I watched this movie on 05 August 2011 at Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) with my friend. We just want to kill our time and go watching movie.

Captain America: The First Avenger is a story of a soldier who would do anything in order to fight for his country. Rogers has never given up to participate in the selection of American troops. However, every attempt was rejected because he has a small body and various diseases.

One day while at a party, he wants to try his luck again. However, his colleagues named Bucky was prevented. Finally, Bucky had to abide by the spirit of Rogers and let him try his luck was. Their conversation was heard by a military doctor. As a result of Rogers was impressed with the spirit, the doctor gave an opportunity for Rogers to join the army.

While in training, Rogers was the weakest military. However, he has the advantage that no other team members have the intelligence and good heart. Finally, the general have agreed to make Rogers as their experimental material. As a result, Rogers was able to lead the experiment in which the body has become stronger.

Unfortunately, the doctor was shot dead by the enemy. Rogers continued to pursue the enemy and managed to catch it. Apparently, the enemy has sophisticated weapons where there is none of the Americans who know about these weapons.

One day, Rogers received news that many of those killed in Bucky's team, including Bucky himself. Although banned by the general, but Rogers still want to go to the fortress of the enemy to find Bucky. Finally, he managed to save Bucky and 400 other captives. Since then, he was promoted to head the mission to destroy the enemy.

One by one the strongholds of the enemy had been eliminated. Unfortunately, during the mission to capture enemy military doctors, Bucky was killed. This makes Rogers continued to attack the main strongholds of the enemy. During the attack, Rogers finally managed to meet with the head of the enemy. He had fought with the head of the enemy in a plane when the head of the enemy wanted to destroy New York City.

Finally, Rogers defeated the enemy leader. Unfortunately, the aircraft lost control. This led Rogers had decided to land in an emergency. The plane has crashed in the Antarctic. Rogers finally been uncovered and have been realized from the unconscious. But that was after 40 years have passed.

I personally give 4 over 5 star for this movie. This movie is really great. The storyline also not bad. It is good to watch this movie =D

KEYWORD: Latest movie releases , Hollywood movie , Captain America The First Avenger Movie Review

Posted by: zis

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Category: Hollywood Movie 2011 | Views: 2764 | Added by: zis | Tags: Captain America The First Avenger M, Hollywood movie, Latest movie releases | Rating: 0.0/0
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