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Main » 2011 » August » 15 » Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes
10:55 AM
Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

.:: Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes - English (PG13) ::.

Movie Info:

Release Date: 04 August 2011

Language: English

Genre: Action / Adventure

Running Time: 1 Hour 45 Minutes

Director: Rupert Wyatt

Cast: James Franco, Freida Pinto, John Lithgow, Andy Serkis, Tom Felton, Brian Cox, David Hewlett

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Movie Synopsis (Malay Version):

zis tengok cerita ni pada 15 August 2011 di Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) bersama zynnea. Memang dari hati tu lagi kami nak tengok cerita ini, tapi kami terlalu sibuk.

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes adalah berkisah tentang kebangkitan sekumpulan chipanzi untuk menuntut hak kebebasan mereka semula. Kisah ini bermula apabila mereka telah ditangkap untuk dijadikan sebagai bahan uji kaji di makmal. Seorang lelaki telah berjaya menemui ubat yang dapat meningkatkan kecergasan otak. Tetapi ubat tersebut dicuba terdahulu kepada chipanzi-chipanzi tersebut.

Ketika lelaki tersebut sedang melakukan perbentangan kepada ahli lembaga pengarah untuk mendapatkan dana, tiba-tiba salah seekor daripada chipanzi tersebut telah mengamok dan menyebabkan permohonan lelaki tersebut dibatalkan. Projek tersebut juga terpaksa dihentikan dan semua chipanzi-chipanzi tersebut diarahkan untuk dibunuh.

Tetapi salah seorang pekerja di sana tidak sampai hati untuk membunuh anak chipanzi tersebut. Akibatnya, lelaki tersebut terpaksa membawa balik anak chipanzi itu ke rumah secara senyap-senyap. Ketika itu, dia telah mendapati anak chipanzi itu memiliki kecergasan otak yang tinggi. Lantas dia terus melakukan kajian terhadap anak chipanzi itu.

Dalam masa yang sama, lelaki tersebut telah menggunakan ubat itu untuk merawat ayahnya. Hasil daripada itu, ayahnya menjadi semakin sihat dan cergas. Mereka telah bersama-sama memelihara Caesar dan melatihnya untuk bercakap. Semakin hari, Caesar semakin pintar dan memahami. Dia mula mempersoalkan siapakah dirinya dan dari mana asalnya. Akhirnya lelaki tersebut terpaksa menceritakan segalanya kepada Caesar.

Suatu hari, Caesar telah menyerang jiran mereka kerana jirannya bertindak kasar terhadap ayah lelaki tersebut. Akibatnya, Caesar terpaksa ditangkap oleh pihak berkuasa. Lelaki tersebut berusaha untuk keluarkan Caesar tetapi gagal. Sejak dari itu, Caesar mula memberontak kerana dia dilayan dengan kasar oleh pekerja di sana.

Caesar mula mengatur strategi untuk mempengaruhi chipanzi-chipanzi dan haiwan-haiwan yang lain. Dia mula untuk menegakkan keadilan dan kebebasan untuk spesisnya. Sehinggakan dia sanggup menolak pelawaan tuannya ketika tuannya ingin menjemputnya pulang. Dia juga telah menggunakan ubat tersebut untuk meningkatkan kecergasan otak kawan-kawannya.

Suatu hari, mereka telah keluar daripada kurungan tersebut dan menuju ke makmal. Tujuannya adalah untuk menyelamatkan rakan-rakan mereka yang lain. Selepas itu, mereka menuju pula ke zoo dan menyelamatkan rakan-rakan mereka di sana. Ketika mereka cuba menuju ke hutan dan melalui jambatan, mereka telah disekat oleh pasukan polis. Pihak polis menerima arahan untuk membunuh mereka semua.

Walau bagaimanapun, atas arahan Caeser, mereka berjaya mengalahkan pasukan polis tersebut. Mereka berjaya mematahkan halangan daripada pihak polis dan terus menuju ke hutan. Tuan kepada Caesar terus mengejar mereka dan mengajak Caesar untuk pulang ke rumah. Tetapi Caesar mengatakan hutan tersebutlah rumah dia. Jadi, dengan berat hati, tuannya pun terpaksa melepaskan Caesar ke hutan tersebut.

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Movie Synopsis (English Version):

I watched this movie on 15 August 2011 at Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) with my friend. We want to watch earlier this movie but we are too busy.

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes is about the rise of a group of chimpanzee to claim their freedom back. This story began when they were arrested for further experiments in the laboratory. A man has been able to find a drug that increases alertness. But these medications are tried prior to the chimpanzees.

When the man was doing presentation to the board of directors to raise funds, suddenly one of the chimpanzee was going crazy and cause the application to him revoked. The project had to be stopped and all chimpanzees are ordered to be killed.

But one of the workers there did not have the heart to kill the child chimpanzee. As a result, these men had to bring back the child's home quietly. At that time, he has found the child chimpanzee brain that have high fitness. Then he continued the study of child chimpanzee.

At the same time, the man had used the drug to treat his father. As a result, his father became more fit and healthy. They have jointly maintain and train it to speak to Caesar. Every day, Caesar was the more intelligent and understanding. He began to question who he was and from where they are. Finally the man had told everything to Caesar.

One day, Caesar was attack their neighbors because its neighbors have recourse to violence against the father of the man. As a result, Caesar had been arrested by the authorities. The man was trying to remove the Caesar, but failed. Since then, Caesar began to rebel because he was treated harshly by the workers there.

Caesar began a strategy to influence other chimpanzees and other animals. He began to seek justice and freedom for the species. That he would refuse the invitation from his master to bring him back home. He was also taking medications to increase alertness of his friends.

One day, they were out of the cage and go to the lab. The aim is to save their other friends. After that, they headed over to the zoo and rescue their friends there. When they tried to go to the forest and through the bridge, they were blocked by police. The police received the order to kill them all.

However, with the direction of Caeser, they defeated the police force. They managed to break the barrier of police and head to the forest. The man continue to pursue them and asked Caesar to return home. But Caesar told him that the forest there is his home. So, reluctantly, his master been forced to give Caesar into the forest.

I personally give 4 over 5 star for this movie. This movie is really great. The storyline also not bad. It is good to watch this movie =D

KEYWORD: Latest movie releases , Hollywood movie , Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Movie Review

Posted by: zis

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