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Main » 2011 » July » 1 » Sekali Lagi
9:38 AM
Sekali Lagi

.:: Sekali Lagi - Malay (U) ::.

Movie Info:

Release Date: 30 June 2011

Language: Malay

Genre: Romance

Running Time: 1 Hour 26 Minutes

Director: Hashim Rejab

Cast: Shaheizy Sam, Lisa Surihani, Mia Sara Nasuha, Bront Palarae

Sekali Lagi Movie Synopsis (Malay Version):

zis pergi tengok cerita ini pada 01 Julai 2011 di Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) bersama zynnea. Dari semalam nak tengok dari tak sempat sebab terlalu sibuk.

Sekali Lagi adalah sebuah cerita cinta komedi yang mula berputik sejak dari zaman persekolahan. Kisah ini tentang seorang lelaki bernama Aman yang mengalami penyakit berperangai seperti kebudak-budakan. Segala urusan hariannya diuruskan oleh ibunya.

Kisah ini bermula apabila Aman disuruh hidup berdikari. Dia disuruh pergi ke kedai baju pengantin untuk mencuba baju pengantinnya. Dia bakal dikahwinkan dengan Farina kerana dia telah dituduh terlanjur dengan Farina. Selepas mencuba baju tersebut, dia telah dikejar oleh seorang peragut yang ingin meragut duitnya. Ketika Aman diserang di belakang lorong sunyi, tiba-tiba Amy datang menyelamatkannya.

Sejak dari itu, Aman berkawan dengan Amy iaitu seorang budak perempuan yang baru berusia enam tahun. Aman berasa gembira berkawan dengan Amy dan selalu keluar bersama Amy untuk berborak bersama.

Sementara itu, Amy dijaga oleh Faris. Sementara ibu Amy yang bernama Sheila pergi bekerja, Amy akan pergi ke gerai makan milik Faris untuk bermain di sana. Faris telah meluahkan isi hatinya kepada Sheila. Setelah sekian lama menunggu, akhirnya cinta Faris telah diterima oleh Sheila.

Pada suatu hari, Sheila telah pengsan dan dihantar ke hospital setelah berjumpa dengan Aman. Sheila begitu marah terhadap Aman dan dia melarang Amy untuk terus berjumpa dengan Aman lagi. Rupa-rupanya, Aman adalah ayah kepada Amy. Tetapi, Aman tidak mengetahui perkara ini dan tidak ingat kenangannya bersama Sheila lagi. Ini kerana Aman pernah menjalani pembedahan membuang tumor di dalam kepalanya dan menyebabkannya lupa segala kenangan lalu.

Rupa-rupanya, cinta antara Aman dan Sheila telah berputik sejak mereka masih bersekolah lagi. Selepas itu, Aman telah berkahwin dengan Sheila. Malangnya, pada hari kematian ayah Sheila, Aman juga telah keluar dari rumah mereka dan telah menceraikan Sheila. Selepas itu barulah Sheila tahu bahawa dia telah mengandung. Tetapi hal ini tidak diketahui oleh Aman.

Walaupun telah dilarang oleh Sheila, Amy tetap pergi berjumpa dengan Aman. Sehinggalah pada suatu hari mereka bertiga telah keluar bersama. Pada mulanya, Sheila menyangkakan Aman sengaja berkelakukan seperti kebudak-budakan. Dia cuba untuk mengembalikan ingatan kenangan lalu kepada Aman. Malangnya usahanya gagal. Akhirnya, Sheila terpaksa memisahkan Amy dengan Aman lagi.

Selepas itu, Aman membawa Amy ke rumahnya. Apabila Sheila mendapat tahu hal ini, dia begitu marah terhadap Amy. Pada ketika itu, ibu Aman datang memujuk Sheila. Dia menceritakan segalanya kepada Sheila termasuk tentang pembedahan Aman. Rupa-rupanya Aman sengaja menceraikan Sheila dahulu kerana dia tidak mahu Sheila tahu tentang penyakitnya itu.

Selepas daripada kejadian itu, Sheila telah berkahwin dengan Faris. Aman juga telah dibenarkan untuk memainkan peranan sebagai ayah kepada Amy. Sekarang mereka semua hidup sebagai satu keluarga yang bahagia.

Sekali Lagi Movie Synopsis (English Version):

I watched this movie on 01 Julai 2011 at Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) with my friend. We want to watch this more earlier day but we were too busy.

Sekali Lagi is a comedy love story that began to be fruitful since the days of school. The story is about a man named Aman who suffered from diseases such childish behavior. Daily affairs managed by her mother.

The story begins when Aman was told to live independently. He was told to go to the shop wedding dress to try his wedding dress. He will be bred with Farina that he was accused of stuck with Farina. After trying the dress, he was chased by someone who want to graze him. When Aman was attacked in the back of quiet lanes, suddenly Amy come to rescue him.

Since then, Aman be friends with Amy, a girl who was just six years old. Aman happy be friends with Amy and he often went with Amy to chat with.

Meanwhile, Amy is guarded by Faris. While the Amy’s mother named Sheila went to work, Amy will go to the stalls owned by Faris to play there. Faris had poured out his heart to Sheila. After a long wait, finally Faris’s love has been accepted by Sheila.

One day, Sheila was unconscious and sent to the hospital after seeing Aman. Sheila so angry with Aman and she forbade Amy to continue to meet with Aman again. Apparently, Aman was the father of Amy. But Aman did not know this and can not remember his memories with Sheila again. This is because Aman has undergone surgery to remove tumors in the head and he forget all the memories past.

Apparently, the love between Aman and Sheila have been fruitful since the days of school. After that, Aman is married to Sheila. Unfortunately, on the death of Sheila's father, Aman has also been forced from their homes and have been divorced Sheila. After that Sheila knew that she was pregnant. But this is not known by Aman.

Despite being banned by Sheila, Amy, still went to Aman. Until one day the three of them went out together. At first, Sheila thought deliberately berkelakukan Aman as childish. He tried to restore memory and memories of the Peace. Unfortunately, his efforts failed. Finally, Sheila had to separate the Amy Safe again.

After that, Aman bring Amy to his home. When Sheila came to know this, she was so angry with Amy. At that time, Aman’s mother came to persuade Sheila. She tells everything to Sheila including the surgery. Apparently, Aman deliberately divorced Sheila because he did not want Sheila to know about the disease.

After the incident, Sheila was married with Faris. Aman has also been allowed to play a role as father to Amy. Now they all live as one happy family.

I personally give 4 over 5 star for this movie. It is a great movie. There are some sad scenes, but mostly there are funny scenes =D

KEYWORD: Latest movie releases , Malaysian movie , Sekali Lagi Movie Review

Posted by: zis

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Category: Malaysian Movie 2011 | Views: 6768 | Added by: zis | Tags: Malaysian movie, Latest movie releases, Sekali Lagi Movie Review | Rating: 0.0/0
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selina navarro-hastings - im so happy for the both of you you such a bitfeuul bride and a handsome groom you two are truley meant to be i knew you two were going to be married when you both started dating eachother god bless you both and your marriage

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