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Main » 2011 » February » 26 » The Mechanic
11:09 AM
The Mechanic

.:: The Mechanic - English (18) ::.

Movie Info:

Release Date: 17 February 2011

Language: English

Genre: Action

Running Time: 1 Hour 32 Minutes

Director: Simon West

Cast: Jason Statham, Ben Foster, Donald Sutherland, Christa Campbell

The Mechanic Synopsis:

I watched this movie on 26 February 2011 at Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) with my friend. We want to watch this more earlier, but we was too busy.

The Mechanic is a story of the assassin. Arthur at first worked with Harry as the assassin. He will carry out the murder as instructed without leaving any evidence of impact. That is the factors that make him as one of the greatest assassin.

One day, Dean contacted Arthur to discuss the next mission. The mission was to kill Harry. The reason given is that Harry is a traitor in their group. So, Arthur has designed a plan to kill Harry and makes it look like he was killed by a car thief.

After the mission, Arthur met with Harry’s son, Steven. Steven tells Arthur that he wanted to avenge the death of his father. He wants to kill all the car thieves as he understood his father's killer was a car thief. But Arthur prevents Steven to do so and keep the secret of the killer of his father. Later, Steven tells Arthur that he also wants to be the assassin. So, Arthur trained Steven to be assassins. At the same time, Arthur also brings Steven as his partner. Each mission that Arthur run, he will bring Steven together.

One day, Arthur has given a mission to Steven to kill someone. Steven successfully performs the mission. Unfortunately, Steven actions have left evidence. This mistake was repeated when Arthur takes Steven to carry out one mission in a condominium. As a result of Steven’s negligence, their hiding place has been detected. However, they managed to escape.

After that, Arthur came across one of his friends which are said and supposedly have died in Cape Town due to be killed by Harry. From there he realized that he had been deceived by Dean. So he wants revenge. At that time Steven was aware that Arthur was his father's murderer. This is because Steven found a gun of his father in Arthur’s workshop. But Steven did not act in haste. He wants to wait for the right time for revenge. So, he helped Arthur to kill Dean.

After successfully killing Dean, they stopped at a petrol station. At that time Steven wants to kill Arthur by way blowing him in there. But Arthur managed to escape. Instead, Steven was killed when he driving Arthur’s car. This is because Arthur had the trap at first because he had guessed this would happen. After the incident, Arthur changed his life and with normal life.

I personally give 3 over 5 star for this movie. This movie is full with actions. The plan is too brilliant. This movie is very interesting especially for those who like an action and the assassin movie =D

KEYWORD: Latest movie releases , Hollywood movie , The Mechanic Movie Review

Posted by: zis

zis FB

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Category: Hollywood Movie 2011 | Views: 1420 | Added by: zis | Tags: Hollywood movie, Latest movie releases, The Mechanic Movie Review | Rating: 0.0/0
Total comments: 1
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1 Bob Smith  
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