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Movie Info:

Release Date: 12 May 2011

Language: English

Genre: Action / Thriller / Science Fiction

Running Time: 1 Hours 27 Minutes

Director: Scott Stewart

Cast: Paul Bettany, Karl Urban, Maggie Q, Cam Gigandet

Priest Movie Synopsis (Malay Version):

zis tengok cerita ni pada 12 May 2011 di Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) bersama zynnea. Kami tengok cerita ni lepas kami tengok cerita Kongsi.

Priest adalah sebuah cerita tentang peperangan antara manusia dan pontianak. Peperangan ini telah tercetus sejak dari zaman dahulu lagi. Tetapi pontianak lebih pantas. Kemudian, manusia telah menggunakan cahaya matahari sebagai senjata utama untuk menentang pontianak tersebut. Malangnya, pontianak masih lagi menang dalam peperangan itu. Akhirnya, manusia telah melatih pahlawan baru bergelar Priest. Mereka inilah yang berjaya menentang pontianak dan membawa keamanan kepada dunia. Malangnya, selepas dunia aman, pahlawan Priest telah disingkirkan. Mereka tidak lagi dihargai dan dijadikan sebagai hamba di bandar itu.

Pada suatu hari, keluarga adik salah seorang daripada Priest itu telah diserang oleh pontianak dan anaknya telah diculik. Berita itu telah disampaikan oleh teman lelaki anaknya. Jadi, Priest mengambil keputusan untuk pergi menyelamatkan anak adiknya. Tetapi, keputusan Priest itu tidak direstui oleh pihak gereja. Pihak gereja telah menghalang Priest daripada keluar dari kawasan bandar itu. Kononnya melanggar arahan gereja bermakna melanggar arahan Tuhan.

Tetapi Priest itu tetap berdegil dan melanggar arahan tersebut. Dia telah keluar dari kawasan bandar itu dan pergi menyelamatkan anak adiknya dengan dibantu oleh teman lelaki anak adiknya. Mereka telah mengikuti jejak pontianak tersebut dan akhirnya tiba di satu kawasan rezab. Di sana mereka telah diserang oleh Familiar dan juga pontianak. Walau bagaimanapun, mereka berjaya mendapat maklumat di mana pontianak yang lain membawa anak adiknya.

Dalam masa yang sama, pihak gereja telah menghantar 4 orang pahlawan Priest untuk menangkap Priest tersebut. Dalam masa yang sama, Priest dan teman lelaki anak adiknya telah tiba di sarang pontianak tersebut. Di sana, mereka telah bertemu dengan salah seorang daripada pahlawan Priest yang dihantar oleh pihak gereja itu. Kemudian, mereka telah diserang oleh penjaga sarang itu. Walau bagaimanapun, mereka berjaya membunuh penjaga sarang itu dan mengesan jejak pontianak yang lain. Ini kerana sarang tersebut adalah kosong. Rupa-rupanya mereka telah pergi menuju ke bandar Jericho.

Di bandar Jericho, pontianak tersebut telah membunuh semua manusia di sana. Mereka juga telah membunuh 3 orang lagi pahlawan Priest yang berpecah dengan yang di sarang itu. Apabila Priest dan kawan-kawannya di bandar Jericho itu, mereka sudah terlewat. Mereka cuba mencari pontianak tersebut tetapi gagal. Rupa-rupanya pontianak tersebut dalam perjalanan untuk menyerang bandar tempat Priest tinggal.

Jadi, mereka pun merancang untuk menyekat kemaraan pontianak itu. Mereka akan meletupkan landasan keretapi itu dan menyelamatkan anak adiknya. Tapi sebelum itu, Priest pernah memberitahu teman lelaki anak adiknya bahawa dia akan bunuh anak adik lelakinya kalau dia dijangkiti oleh virus pontianak itu. Jadi, ketika ini, teman lelaki anak adiknya cuba untuk menghalang Priest itu. AKhirnya, rakannya terpaksa berterus terang bahawa anak adik Priest itu sebenarnya adalah anak Priest tersebut.

Jadi, Priest bersama teman lelaki anaknya akan masuk ke dalam keretapi tersebut untuk menyelamatkan anak Priest itu. Manakala rakan Priest itu akan pergi meletupkan landasan keretapi itu bagi menghalang keretapi itu tiba di bandar. Walau bagaimanapun, misi mereka telah dihalang oleh rakan lama Priest. Dia jauh lebih kuat dan hebat dari dulu. Ini kerana dia telah menjadi manusia pontianak. Puteri pontianak telah memberi dia minum darahnya dan dari situlah dia bertukar menjadi manusia pontianak.

Setelah hampir mati ditikam oleh manusia pontianak itu, akhirnya Priest telah bangkit kerana semangat juang yang tinggi. Akhirnya, dia berjaya membunuh manusia pontianak itu dan juga menyelamatkan anaknya. Landasan juga bejaya diletupkan termasuklah keretapi itu.

Selepas daripada kejadian itu, Priest telah membawa balik kepala pontianak itu untuk ditunjukka kepada pihak gereja. Ini kerana pihak gereja memberitahu bahawa semua pontianak telah dibunuh. Jadi, kepala tersebut dijadikan sebagai bukti bahawa pontianak itu masih ada. Akhirnya, Priest itu telah keluar dari bandar tersebut untuk meneruskan peperangan antara manusia dan pontianak itu.

Priest Movie Synopsis (English Version):

I watched this movie on 12 May 2011 at Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) with my friend. We watch this movie after we wathced Kongsi.

Priest is a story about a war between humans and vampires. This war has erupted since the days of long ago. But vampires faster. Then, human were using the sun as the main weapon against the vampires. Unfortunately, the vampires are still winning the war. Finally, people have to train a new warrior called Priest. These are successful against the vampires and bring peace to the world. Unfortunately, after world peace, warrior Priests have been removed. They are no longer valued and used as slaves in the city.

One day, the family of the brother of Priest has been attacked by vampires and his daugther had been kidnapped. The news was delivered by her boyfriend. So, Priest decided to go to save his niece. However, the decision of Priest is not sanctioned by the church. The church has prevented the Priest from out of town areas. Allegedly violated the instructions of the church means disobeying God.

But Priest is still defiant and violate the directive. He has been out of the city and its going to save his niece assisted by his niece's boyfriend. They have to follow the trail of vampires, and finally arrive at a reserve area. There, they were attacked by vampires and the Familiar. However, they managed to get information on where the other vampires to bring his niece.

At the same time, the church has sent four warrior Priest to capture the Priest. At the same time, Priest and his niece's boyfriend had arrived at the nest of the vampires. There, they met with one of the warrior Priests sent by the church. Then, they were attacked by the guards of the nest. However, they managed to kill the guards of the nest and to detect traces of other vampires. This is because the nest was empty. Apparently they had gone to the city of Jericho.

In the city of Jericho, vampires have been killing all the people there. They also killed three other warrior Priests. When the Priest and his friends arrived in the city of Jericho, they were too late. They tried but failed to find vampires. Apparently the vampires are on the way to attack the city where Priests live.

So, they planned to block the advance of the vampires. They will blow up railway tracks and save Priest's niece. But before that, Priest had told the his niece's boyfriend that he would kill her if she is infected by a virus of vampires. So, his niece's boyfriend tried to stop the Priest. Finally, his friend had confessed that woman was actually the daugther of Priest.

So, Priest with his niece's boyfriend will get into the train to save Priest's daugther. While Priest's friend going to blow up the railway tracks to prevent trains arrived in the city. However, their mission has been blocked by the old friend of Priest's. He is much more powerful than before. This is because he has become human vampires. Queen of vampires has given him to drink her blood, and from there he turned into a human vampires.

After nearly being stabbed to death by the human vampires, the Priest has finally risen as high spirit. Finally, he managed to kill that humans vampire and save his daugther. The platform includes a train was successfully blown up.

After the incident, Priest has brought back the head of the vampire to show to the church. This is because the church told him that all vampires have been killed. So, head are taken as proof that the vampires are still there. Finally, the Priest had been out of town to continue the war between the humans and vampires.

I personally give 3.5 over 5 star for this movie. This movie is nice. It make us want to know what will happen next and make us want to know who is the leader of those vampires =D

KEYWORD: Latest movie releases , Hollywood movie , Priest Movie Review

Posted by: zis

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