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Movie Info:

Release Date: 28 April 2011

Language: Malay

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 1 Hour 24 Minutes

Director: Pierre Andre, Ming Jin

Cast: Pierre Andre, Nora Danish, Awal Ashaari, Cut Mutia, Azman Hassan, Sharnaaz

Seru Movie Synopsis (Malay Version):

zis pergi tengok cerita ini pada 28 April 2011 di Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) bersama zynnea. Kami tengok cerita ni selepas kami tengok cerita THOR.

Seru adalah sebuah kisah seram yang terjadi di set penggambaran filem. Ketika mereka sedang melakukan satu set penggambaran filem seram di dalam sebuah hutan, tiba-tiba salah seorang daripada krew mereka iaitu Seri telah dirasuk. Tidak lama selepas itu, Julie pula yang dirasuk. Jadi, mereka terpaksa menghentikan penggambaran itu dan membawa Seri balik ke base. Julie telah menghilangkan diri masuk ke dalam hutan. Jadi, Syam dan Tony telah diarahkan untuk mencari Julie di dalam hutan tersebut.

Ketika di base, mereka telah bergaduh di antara satu sama lain. Lebih mengejutkan, di dalam satu bilik di base itu, terdapat tulisan-tulisan pemujaan yang ditulis di dinding bilik tersebut dengan menggunakan darah. Mereka mula menjadi panik. Tetapi keadaan menjadi redha apabila mereka berjumpa dengan orang kampung. Orang kampung tersebut telah datang ke base mereka dan cuba untuk mengubatkan Seri. Dan kemudian Seri telah dibawa untuk pergi ke hospital untuk rawatan selanjutnya.

Beberapa orang masih tinggal di base itu kerana ingin tunggu Syam dan Tony kembali daripada mencari Julie. Malangnya, mereka telah disabotaj apabila mendapati bekalan minyak kepada generator mereka telah bocor. Tidak lama kemudian, Jeff seperti melihat Seri sedang berjalan di dalam hutan. Hal itu telah dilaporkan kepada rakan-rakan yang lain.

Ketika mereka dalam keadaan yang kelam kabut, sekali lagi Jeff telah ternampak Seri di tingkap base itu. Hal itu juga turut disaksikan oleh Budi. Tetapi, pengarah filem itu tidak percaya. Lalu dia pun keluar dan pergi mencari hantu tersebut. Apabila dia kembali ke base, dia telah dibunuh oleh Seri dan Seri terus menyerang mereka semua yang berada dalam base itu. Beberapa orang masih terselamat termasuklah Jeff, Budi, Man, dan Ana.

Jadi, mereka telah berlari ke rumah orang kampung tersebut untuk meminta bantuan. Malangnya, orang kampung tersebut tidak ada di rumah. Jadi, Jeff dan Budi pun masuk ke dalam rumah itu untuk mencari orang kampung tersebut. Alangkah terkejutnya mereka apabila mengetahui bahawa orang kampung tersebut adalah dalangnya kerana mereka menjumpai bahan pemujaan di dalam rumah itu. Apabila mereka keluar, Man dan Ana telah hilang dan mereka telah diserang oleh orang kampung itu.

Ketika mereka sedar, mereka terus melarikan diri dengan menggunakan kereta orang kampung itu. Malangnya, mereka telah diserang oleh hantu. Ketika ini, Budi telah hilang. Akhirnya, hanya tinggal Jeff, Ana, dan Man sahaja. Dalam masa yang sama, setelah mengalami pelbagai kejadian pelik di dalam hutan, akhirnya Syam dan Tony telah berjaya keluar dari hutan tersebut dan kembali ke base. Malangnya, Syam telah dibunuh oleh Seri di base itu dan Tony berjaya melarikan diri dan berjumpa dengan Jeff, Man, dan Ana.

Mereka terpaksa menolak kereta orang kampung tersebut ke base untuk mendapatkan sparepart dari kereta yang lain untuk menghidupkan kereta tersebut. Ketika itu, Ana telah hilang dan ketika Jeff dan Tony cuba mencari Ana di dalam base itu, kereta orang kampung itu telah meletup. Jadi, Man juga turut hilang. Ketika itu juga, mereka telah diserang oleh Seri dan Tony telah dibunuh oleh Seri. Jeff berjaya melarikan diri.

Ketika dalam cubaan untuk melarikan diri itu, Jeff telah terdengar sesuatu yang pelik. Dia cuba untuk mengekori dari mana datangnya suara itu. Akhirnya dia telah menemui tempat pemujaan orang kampung itu. Malangnya, dia telah diserang oleh Man. Man juga telah dirasuk. Rupa-rupanya, orang kampung tersebut ingin menggunakan nyawa mereka semua untuk menghidupkan kembali anak mereka yang telah mati. Akhirnya, orang kampung itu berjaya menghidupkan anaknya kembali.

Seru Movie Synopsis (English Version):

I watched this movie on 28 April 2011 at Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) with my friend. We watch this movie after we watched THOR.

Seru is a horror story that happened on the set filming. When they're doing a horror film set design in a forest, suddenly one of the crew named Seri were possessed. Not long after that, Julie was possessed. So, they had to stop filming and take the Seri back to base. Julie had disappeared into the forest. So, Syam and Tony has been asked to find Julie in the forest.

When at the base, they have fought each other. More surprisingly, in a room at the base, there are the writings of cult which is written on the wall of the room with blood. They began to panic. But the situation became delighted when they meet with the villagers. The villagers had come to their base and try to cure Seri. And then Seri has been taken to go to hospital for further treatment.

Some people still stay at base because they want to wait for Syam and Tony returned from find Julie. Unfortunately, they have sabotaged when they found out that the oil supply to the generator they had been leaked. Not long after, Jeff saw Seri walking at the forest. It has been reported to other partners.

When they are in a state of chaos, again, Jeff has noticed that Seri in the window of the base. It was also witnessed by Budi. However, a film director could not believe it. Then he came out and went looking for the ghosts. When he returned to base, he was killed by Seri and Seri continued to attack them all on the base. Some people have survived, including Jeff, Budi, Man, and Ana.

So, they ran to the house of the villagers for help. Unfortunately, the villagers are not at home. So, Jeff and Budi went into the house to find the village. Surprise when they find out that these folks are the culprits because they found material in the house of worship. When they leave, Man and Ana have been lost and they were attacked by the villagers.

When they realized, they fled from the villagers by car. Unfortunately, they were attacked by a ghost. Currently, Budi has been lost. Finally, just Jeff, Ana, and Man alone. At the same time, after experiencing various strange incidents in the forest, Syam and Tony finally managed to get out of the forest and returned to base. Unfortunately, Syam has been killed by Seri at base, and Tony managed to escape and met with Jeff, Man, and Ana.

They had ran to base to get spare parts from other cars to turn on the car. At that time, Ana has been lost, and when Jeff and Tony tries to find Ana in the base, the cars of the villagers exploded. So, Man is also missing. At that time, they were attacked by Seri and Tony had been killed by Seri. Jeff managed to escape.

When the attempt to escape it, Jeff had heard something strange. He tried to follow where it came from. Finally he had found a place of worship of the village. Unfortunately, he was attacked by Man. Apparently, these folks want to use their lives to bring back their daughter who have died. Finally, the villagers managed to return his daughter back.

I personally give 4 over 5 star for this movie. Firstly I want to congrats to the director because successful make the horror film different from others. Even though they tried to copy the idea from hollywood, but in Malaysia, it is a great job. It is really look like the real story because the actors seem really in fear =D

KEYWORD: Latest movie releases , Malaysian movie , Seru Movie Review

Posted by: zis

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