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Movie Info:

Release Date: 28 April 2011

Language: English

Genre: Action

Running Time: 1 Hour 55 Minutes

Director: Kenneth Branagh

Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman

Thor Movie Synopsis (Malay Version):

zis tengok cerita ni pada 28 April 2011 di Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) bersama zynnea. Saja pergi tengok wayang untuk bersantai.

Thor adalah sebuah kisah mitos yang wujud sejak dulu. Pada mulanya, Raja Asgard telah berperang dengan puak Giant Frost dan berjaya mengalahkan pasukan tentera Giant Frost. Sumber kuasa puak Giant Frost juga telah berjaya dirampas oleh Raja Asgard.

Raja Asgard memiliki dua orang anak lelaki, Thor dan Loki. Setelah mereka jadi dewasa, Thor bakal ditabalkan menjadi Raja Asgard, menggantikan ayahnya. Malangnya, upacara tersebut telah disabotaj oleh puak Giant Frost. Mereka cuba untuk merampas kembali sumber kuasa mereka tetapi rancangan mereka gagal.

Jadi, Thor berasa marah dan pergi ke kawasan Giant Frost bersama kawan-kawannya dan juga Loki. Thor tidak mempedulikan nasihat adiknya dan terus memulakan peperangan dengan puak Giant Frost. Malangnya, bilangan tentera Giant Frost terlalu ramai dan mereka tidak mampu untuk menentang. Nasib mereka baik kerana mereka telah diselamatkan oleh Raja Asgard dan dibawa kembali pulang ke Asgard.

Akibat daripada itu, Thor telah dihukum dan dibuang ke Bumi. Segala kekuatannya telah ditarik kembali oleh Raja Asgard. Di Bumi, Thor telah berjumpa dengan seorang gadis bernama Jane. Jane secara kebetulan sedang melakukan kajian terhadap mitos tersebut. Thor cuba untuk kembali ke Asgard tetapi dia telah dilarang untuk kembali ke Asgard.

Sementara di Asgard, Raja Asgard telah jatuh sakit. Jadi, secara tidak langsung, Loki telah ditabalkan menjadi raja baru di Asgard. Rupa-rupanya, Loki adalah anak kepada ketua puak Giant Frost. Jadi, dia telah menjemput ketua puak Gaint Frost untuk datang ke Asgard dan membunuh Raja Asgard dan menghantar sebuah robot ke Bumi untuk membunuh Thor dan kawan-kawannya.

Ketika sedang berlawan dengan robot itu, Thor memohon kepada Loki supaya melepaskan kawan-kawannya dan hanya membunuh dirinya seorang sahaja. Tetapi, tiba-tiba tukulnya telah datang kepada Thor dengan sendirinya. Dengan ini, Thor telah mendapat kembali kuasanya dan berjaya memusnahkan robot itu. Jadi, Thor terus meminta kepada Penjaga Pintu untuk membawa mereka kembali ke Asgard.

Dalam masa yang sama, ketika ketua puak Giant Frost cuba untuk membunuh Raja Asgard, Loki telah terlebih dahulu bertindak dan membunuh ketua puak Giant Frost itu. Ketika Thor tiba di sana, dia telah berlawan dengan Loki kerana dia dapat tahu semua ini adalah rancangan Loki. Loki yang telah mensabotaj majlis pertabalan itu.

Loki kemudiannya terus melancarkan serangan ke kawasan puak Giant Frost dan ingin membunuh semua puak tersebut. Tetapi tindakkan telah dihalang oleh Thor. Jadi, untuk menghalang serangan tersebut, Thor terpaksa memusnahkan jambatan pelangi yang menjadi sumber kuasa untuk serangan tersebut. Ketika mereka berdua hampir terjatuh, mereka telah diselamatkan oleh Raja Asgard. Tetapi, Loki telah melepaskan pegangan tersebut kerana tidak sanggup berhadapan dengan Raja Asgard lagi. Jadi, dia telah terjatuh ke ruang angkasa.

Walaupun segalanya sudah selesai, malangnya Thor tidak dapat kembali ke Bumi lagi kerana jambatan pelangi tersebut telah musnah. Jadi, dia terpaksa berpisah dengan Jane dan telah ditabalkan menjadi Raja Asgard yang baru.

Thor Movie Synopsis (English Version):

I watched this movie on 28 April 2011 at Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) with my friend. We go watch movie just want to enjoy.

Thor is a mythical story that existed long ago. At first, King of Asgard has been fighting with the tribes of Giant Frost and defeat the Giant Frost troops. The tribes of Giant Frost resources of power has also been successfully hijacked by the King of Asgard.

King of Asgard has two sons, Thor and Loki. Once they become adults, Thor will be crowned the King of Asgard, replacing his father. Unfortunately, the ceremony had been sabotaged by the tribes of Giant Frost. They tried to recapture the source of their power but their plan fails.

So, Thor get angry and went to the Giant Frost area with his friends and Loki. Thor did not care about the advise of his brother and started the war with the tribes of Giant Frost. Unfortunately, the number of troops Giant Frost is too many and they are not able to resist. Their are lucky because they were saved by the King of Asgard and brought back home to Asgard.

As a result, Thor has been punished and banished to Earth. All power has been withdrawn by the King of Asgard. On Earth, Thor has met a girl named Jane. Jane by chance while doing research on the myth. Thor tries to return to Asgard, but he was forbidden to return to Asgard.

Meanwhile in Asgard, King of Asgard has fallen ill. So, indirectly, Loki has been crowned the new king of Asgard. Apparently, Loki is the son of the tribes leaders of Giant Frost. So, he has invited tribes leaders to come to Asgard and kill the King of Asgard, and send a robot to Earth to kill Thor and his friends.

When he was fighting with a robot, Thor apply to Loki to let his friends and just kill him alone. But, suddenly his hammer came to Thor itself. With this, Thor has got his power back and managed to destroy the robot. So, Thor continued to ask the Guard Gate to bring them back to Asgard.

At the same time, when tribes leaders trying to kill the King of Asgard, Loki was first to act and kill tribes leaders. When Thor arrived there, he had fought with Loki because he knows all of this is set by Loki. Loki who has been sabotaging the coronation ceremony.

Loki then continued to launch attacks on the Giant Frost and tribal areas to kill all the factions. But the action was barred by Thor. So, to prevent such attacks, Thor had to destroy the rainbow bridge as the power source for attack. When they both nearly fell, they were rescued by the King of Asgard. However, Loki has been releasing the handle because he could not deal with the King of Asgard again. So, he has been dropped into space.

Although everything has been done, unfortunately, Thor could not return to earth again as the rainbow bridge had been destroyed. So, he broke up with Jane and was crowned the new King of Asgard.

I personally give 3 over 5 star for this movie. It is a good story. However, I didn't agree this movie allowed the children to watch it too. This is because there is the kissing part which is too focus. It is not good to be watched by the children =D

KEYWORD: Latest movie releases , Hollywood movie , Thor Movie Review

Posted by: zis

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