Article 15 (2019, Movie)

There are two types of movies we get to see these days, commercial and the ones which try to send a message to our community. I will put Article15 in the later segment.

It has a good plot where the writer has tried to communicate through his film that whatever we hear or read in media is not always true. We maybe sleeping in our comfortable beds, eating fresh food, drinking clean water but situation is not the same everywhere in our country.

There is a sizable population in India which is still burning under the curse of casteism. Murders, rapes, loot, oppression has like become a part of their lives which they have accepted seeing the world as it is. Many of them don’t get justice in their lives. People who try to raise their voice against it are sometimes shut by the authorities or are made popular in media with labels like “Anti-national” or “Dangerous”.

The movie has taken the Article 15 of The Constitution of India which prohibits discrimination on grounds of religionracecastesex or place of birth. The film is inspired by multiple true life events including 2014 Badaun gang rape allegations and 2016 Una flogging incident.

We get to see good acting from Ayushmann as an IPS officer, in a serious role in this movie but I personally felt that the other actors took away this movie from him with their acting. Kumud Mishra, Manoj Pahwa, Sayani Gupta, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub showcase their brilliant talent in this movie.

It’s a crime-drama film, where three village girls are trapped and raped by a local powerful contractor just for asking increment of just Rs.3 on their daily wages. Two of them were brutally killed and hanged from a tree. The third girl went missing.

Ayushmann, recently transferred to this area faces the heat of discrimination. He tries to solve the case, but his own men try to stop him. Since contractor was linked with a local politician, even the CBI got involved and tried to label and shut the case under honor killing. IPS officer Ayushmann Khurrana gets suspended after CBI arrival. Some people show courage to keep their (caste) indifferences aside and help Ayushmann in his fight. Without worrying about the consequences, he continues his search for the third girl.

The movie will leave you with a smile and many questions along with it. Is this really happening in my country? Which world do we live in?

I recommend this movie to my readers.

I give it 3/5 stars.

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  1. This is so we’ll written! So many reviews out there for the movie but this was to-the-point and yet covered all aspects. I am going to watch the movie now!


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