Kaafir (2019, Season-1, available on Zee5)

Kaafir is a beautiful story of a women who is a daughter, a wife, a mother but the world around her only knows her as a “Pakistani”.

It’s nothing unusual if we think. With the high tension between these two neighboring countries we often find ourselves hating each other. This show will make you stop for a moment and to think…why do we hate each other? It’s very nice to be a patriot but what is patriotism? Is it hating everyone who lives on the other side of the border? If we are patriot to love our country, so are they.

This show brings along a strong message to the world that because of some people who believe in violence and terrorism, we should not assume everyone is bad or a “Kaafir”.

This show is a comeback for one of the most beautiful and talented actresses, Dia Mirza (as Kainaaz Akhtar). She is casted against the talented actor Mohit Raina (as Vednat Rathore). Some of us might remember him as Mahadev of Star Plus or Karan from movie Uri.

Kainaaz is an innocent woman from Pakistan occupied Kashmir who accidentally crosses over to Indian union territory of Jammu & Kashmir and is held prisoner under the suspicion of being a militant. Vedant Rathore, a TV journalist, previously a lawyer in his life, sees her and get to know her story during an interview and decides to help her.

It was later discovered that the Indian army was about to let her go when they found her unconscious on the riverside. Vedant was present there at that very moment and unknowingly, without even seeing her face, angry from his brother’s death in a recent militant activity, Vedant called her a militant and suggested the army men to not let her go.

When Vedant learnt this fact, he was already fighting a legal battle for Kainaaz to get her justice and permission to return to her home in Pakistan. He couldn’t believe that he was the reason that Kainaaz and her beautiful 6 years old daughter had to live in prison for 7 years. Will Vedant be able to get Kainaaz and her daughter back to Pakistan or will he fall in love with her and make them stay in India??

I recommend my readers to binge watch this show. Personally, I feel this is the best performance of Dia Mirza, compared to all her movies.

I give this show 3/5 stars.

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